The Evergreen Blueprint

The step-by-step process to launch and scale your online course or membership

My blueprint that gives you step-by-step instructions to scale your online business to 10k months or more. Launch your own online course or membership that generates income while you sleep or drink coconuts under a palm tree.


From being a full-time teacher to achieving her first 10k months with coaching in less than a year.

Health Coach

Do you feel the struggle?

Your business-journey doesn't need to be this endless battle.

Revenue Rollercoaster
Your income takes you on a wild ride of unpredictable highs and lows, leaving you feeling like you’re on an emotional and financial whirlwind.

Time is never enough
You constantly find yourself racing against the clock, struggling to fit in all your to-dos. Time feels like it’s slipping through your fingers, leaving you yearning for more hours in the day.

Taking time off seems impossible
You’re caught in the never-ending cycle of work, feeling like you can never truly disconnect for an extended break without worrying about your business suffering.

Feeling overwhelmed
You feel lost and uncertain about how to kickstart a profitable online business. You’re facing a myriad of questions, from where to begin to what strategies to adopt.

You’re not alone in this

Among the 250+ business owners I’ve coached, these challenges were a common thread. Unfortunately, many find themselves caught in a vicious cycle, attempting to combat these problems by working even more hours. 

The common result? Frustration or – in the worst case – complete burnout from the activity that was once their greatest passion.

What you're missing is a proven system that generates automated and scalable income

This is why I created the Evergreen Blueprint Online Program. Get step-by-step instructions to build your own evergreen product, so you can finally work where you want, with whom you want, and when you want.

The Evergreen Blueprint is for you if…

…you want to scale or build an online business (we are talking 5 figures or more)

…you want to create evergreen products like memberships or online courses that generate money while you relax

…you want freedom and not to depend on live launches (been there – it’s exhausting).

…you want a proven system that creates fantastic transformations for your clients and for yourself (watch the testimonial).

And all of this can be achieved without being overwhelmed by technical difficulties or working 24/7.

The course program is designed much like your favorite recipe: Simple step-by-step instructions and practical lectures with an average length of 15 minutes, so you can perfectly integrate it into your daily business activities.

Learn how my Blueprint helped Verena increase her coaching prices about 10x.

Why can I teach you to achieve results like Verena?

Because the blueprint has worked for myself and hundreds of my clients.

I’ve been coaching people for more than 10 years, created over 5 online courses, and launched a membership with hundreds of members (the membership is generating enough income that work became a choice, not a necessity).

I’ve also worked as a personal trainer and nutrition coach. Two years ago, I decided that I wanted to have an even bigger impact by sharing my recipe and strategy for a successful online business with you. I’m giving you access to that exact recipe inside EVERGREEN BLUEPRINT.

What you see

What you don't see

Ok, so this has clearly worked for others.
But will it work for me?

The beauty of a blueprint is that it’s designed to work across a spectrum of starting points, whether you want to kick off your online business journey or take your growth to the next level.

Things YOU DEFINITELY DON’T NEED to succeed with the evergreen blueprint:

 Big Audience 

Rule of thumb: around 1000 ideal followers can set the stage for a 6-figure business (Check out the testimonials!). You’ll be surprised that we have individuals here with small audiences who outperform those with hundreds of thousands of followers. Plus, we also teach you how to build an audience.

 Tech Mastery 

Technical expertise is not a prerequisite. We provide clear step-by-step instructions, easy-to-use tools, and have a dedicated support team to assist you. You’ll find that this process is far from rocket science and our blueprint is designed to be user-friendly.

 Wall of Degrees 

If you sell a transformation that you’ve successfully mastered, then you are good enough. If you know more than the average person about your course topic, you’re an expert. We will help you find a profitable course topic.

In all of those cases, we have answers. We have a blueprint/recipe for you to follow. It’s a proven system. The only thing you need to bring to the table is the willingness to take action. We also have a support system for you that will help you in case you get stuck. We want to see you win, just like Laura did:


"I never thought that I could draw so much monetary success from my coachings."

Health Coach

Here is what you get:

Instant app access

Whats inside?

We take you through 8 modules (videos that you can watch anywhere) that will guide you step by step to your own evergreen product.

VIP Support system in case you get stuck (we want to see you win) via Slack and our app.

Monthly mindset calls (success is mainly about managing psychology).

Simple videos with clear Call to Actions – Your time is valuable, so let’s get straight to the point.

Take it one step further with our unprecedented Bundle for MASSIVE Savings

Get additional access to the High-Ticket Blueprint

Our complementary course for multiplying your 1:1 prices

Full-fledged course for free

Worth: 2999€

The High-Ticket Blueprint is the perfect addition for all business owners looking to enhance their evergreen product portfolio with lucrative 1:1 coaching offers. In this extensive course, I will teach you how to:

You will either a) find your first high value clients or b) learn how to increase your 1-1 prices. We are talking doubling, 5x or even 10x like in Verenas case.

Start creating offers that change your life and the lives of your clients.

Proven by Real Results & Real Success

Time to take action on your dreams

Unlock the power of clarity with a complimentary Strategy Session valued at 250€, led by a skilled coach. Gain insight into your goals, navigate obstacles ahead, and receive a tailored plan just for you. Remember, clarity is the key to unlocking your potential!

Free Strategy Session

Value: 250€

Book a free session

Get started in less than 2 minutes and book your free strategy call with our coach.

Strategy Session

You will leave the call with tailored action steps for your business - no matter if you decide to join the Evergreen Blueprint or not.

Start your transformation

Let's change lives together. Your life and the lives of your clients.

Stephie doubled her investment in less than 6 weeks.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We work with you UNTIL you successfully launch your course. There is no question of whether you will succeed or not. The only question is WHEN.

Time to take action on your dreams

Buy 1, get 2: Save 3999€ with out special bundle offer – only until 27 November

Evergreen Blueprint


1999 €

Single Payment


High-Ticket Blueprint



Black friday bonus

Satisfaction Guarantee

We work with you UNTIL you successfully launch your course. There is no question of whether you will succeed or not. The only question is WHEN.


The Evergreen Blueprint is suitable for online business owners, coaches, influencers, and agencies. Basically anyone who wants to start or scale an online business. Whether you’re a fitness coach, nutritionist, influencer, or agency – this course it suitable as long as you want to work online.

Everything you need to create and successfully launch and establish (long-term) your own evergreen product.

We want you to be satisfied with your purchase. We offer a satisfaction guarantee meaning we work with you UNTIL you have a positive ROI. *Terms and conditions apply (You obviously have to put in the work)

After purchasing The Evergreen Blueprint, you will receive login credentials or access instructions. Simply log in to our platform to access the content.

Yes, we provide ongoing support and updates to ensure you have access to the latest strategies and insights. We want to see you win so you get VIP treatment. A coach who will be supporting and helping you whenever you feel stuck.

You can ask questions either directly via our app (Yes the course comes with an app) – or reach out via slack.

Monthly plans will be deducted monthly from your bank account and automatically stop as soon as you completed all rates.
The single payment is conducted immediately. We offer common payment methods like PayPal, credit card, and Apple pay.

The Evergreen Blueprint concentrates on building automated income streams through evergreen products, while the High-Ticket Blueprint is all about offering high-value, 1:1 coaching services to enhance your business offerings and revenue. These two courses complement each other, providing a well-rounded approach to business growth.

For your convenience, both courses are accessible through our app, ensuring that you have all growth strategies consolidated in a single, user-friendly platform.