First Class Mentoring for Entrepreneurs & High Achievers who are ready for more impact, money, and freedom.

Your window of opportunity.

It is not important where you are. I can promise you, you are nowhere compared to where you can go.


Live an extraordinary life and unfold your full potential


Work less and have an even bigger impact on the world


Reprogram your subconscious mind and live with passion


Scale your business and multiply your income

My coaching works for you if:

What to expect

*Only for 1-1 clients, not for group coaching

I was where you are now...

Elevating Leaders is the result of all the knowledge I’ve accumulated in the last 9 years. I was struggling; I was working extremely hard but wasn’t seeing the desired results. Until I started studying successful people’s work and got my first mentor. Success leaves clues. From then on, I learned from the people who had created the results that I wanted.

Fast forward, I’ve started multiple successful social media channels with more than 1 million podcast downloads, 5 million views, 300 000 followers, and built multiple 6-figure businesses. I have also created my own documentary and opened a school for unprivileged kids.

I also found a way to combine my drive with feeling worthy even when I am not doing anything. Many high-performers may be extremely productive, but they do not feel like that. I teach people how to be extremely productive while also enjoying life.

Axel Schura

How do I coach?

With RESULTS in mind. I will always make sure that you leave with a positive ROI.

What clients say about working with me:

About my Coaching:
„I was one of Axel's 1:1 clients and I can say it was one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life. He changed my life completely for the good in just a few months. His work is unique and incredible.“
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About my Coaching:
„It was excatly what i needed to get from theory to actually putting it into place and start investing for real. Axel gives you all the answers you need and is always ready to explain.“
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About my Coaching:
„He provided all the basics that you need on the subject, including things I've heard before that were incredibly important to hear from him again and then really take the first steps. That was the best because that's when I really started putting it into practice and making the decisions.“
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Why can I help?


Because I have successfully coached literally more than 100 people already.


I have not only coached people but built multiple 6-figure businesses myself.


Because I am probably the most resilient person you know. I never give up or quit. I will make sure we get the results that you’re after.


I have invested a lot of time and money in developing my unique skillset. I know how to interrupt patterns, recondition your beliefs, and make you jump higher than you’ve ever jumped before.

The process

More money, time, and freedom. This is how you level up.

Book a meeting

Get started in less than 2 minutes and book your free introductory call with my team.

Clarity Call

We talk about your current situation and answer all your questions to find out whether we can help you reach your goals.


If we fit together, we will start right away with working on your goals.

The pricing

10 000 €

Single Payment

3 500 €

3 Monthly Rates

2 000 €

6 Monthly Rates

Secure one of my limited coaching spots

The twenty-minute introductory call is all about giving you clarity. After talking about your challenges and goals, you have the opportunity to ask my team all your questions to find out if the Elevating Leaders Coaching is right for you.

Secure one of my limited coaching spots

Since I want to give all my coaching clients 100% attention, the number of participants is limited. Join my waiting list now and be the first to be notified when there are new spots available.


The price depends on your individual goals and coaching needs. We will discuss the different pricing options in our introductory call.
It is possible to set the time periods individually. I recommend at least 3 months to ensure long-term lasting success.