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Breathwork Mastery

Become a Certified Breathwork Instructor

You will learn...

…everything you need to know about Breathwork to develop an in-depth foundational and practical understanding of Breathwork. Our intention with Breathwork Mastery is to teach breathwork in a relatable, enjoyable, and grounded way. By the end of the training, you will be perfectly capable to offer professional and safe breathwork sessions for individuals and groups.

Beyond that, you will be able to integrate Breathwork into your existing coaching business, or implement it in whatever way resonates the most with you. The training will also help you develop a deeper understanding of yourself, the way you operate, your energy levels, and your optimal approach to business and the world & people around you.

During this course you will develop the following skills:


Be able to understand and convey the biomechanics and techniques of breathing in order to ensure that it is done in a safe and correct way


Be able to understand the physiological impact of breathwork, biochemistry, emotional and mental aspects


Develop presentational skills to be able to create a safe and enjoyable experience for those that you guide

Breathwork Mastery is for you if…

…you want to develop a strong foundational and practical understanding of breathwork.

…you are curious, open minded and motivated to take life into your own hands.

…you would like to start or scale your own coaching business.

…you want to build a business in alignment with your unique gifts, talents & energy levels.

…you want to implement Breathwork into your coaching business and support your clients on a whole new level.

…you simply would like to learn more about Breathwork for yourself and those close to you.

What the participants say



certified breathwork graduate



certified breathwork graduate



certified breathwork graduate



certified breathwork graduate

What’s included?

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The first 10 people who sign up to breathwork mastery in September receive a free ticket for our Majorca Retreat next year. Be quick and schedule your discovery call.


Nicholas Ojamo

Nicolas is a student and teacher of the science of breath. Certified as a Pranayama teacher and breathwork coach. With a lifelong burning desire to know the mysteries of this universe and the truths governing our existence, he has spent his life studying yogic philosophy, metaphysics, biochemistry, and the science of breath.

In the past, Nicolas worked as a professional chef in Sweden. With long working hours and daily pressure to perform in a stressful environment, he found himself looking for a way to increase the energy of the body, to be able to keep up his focus, vitality, and performance.

This search led Nicolas to the Wim Hof method and other ancient breathwork techniques, and after months of practicing the breathwork, cold exposure and studying the physiological impact of breathing, and seeing the impact of this practice in his daily life, he decided to become a breathwork guide and teacher. 

During the past 3 years, Nicolas has been sharing, guiding, and teaching breathwork to hundreds of people. He now shares his insights and understanding of the intelligence of this body, using breathing and relatable words and concepts to transmit the understanding and inspiration of how this body and mind work. 

Your Business Coach

Axel Schura

Axel is a Business & High-Performance Coach for ambitious high achievers & business owners. His purpose is to help others unlock their full potential and live an extraordinary life. Axel is a results-driven professional and makes sure everyone leaves with a positive ROI.

Axel knows that success leaves clues and that is why he has studied successful people’s work for over 9 years and accumulated an extensive amount of business knowledge. He has started multiple successful social media channels with more than + 1 million podcast downloads, 5 million views, 340 000 followers, build multiple 6-figure businesses, created his own documentary, and opened a school for unprivileged kids.

Although his Bio might sound like one flawless success strategy, Axel often shares about his challenging beginnings coming from a humble background, working several jobs, and feeling unhappy & unfulfilled.

Axel has made it his mission to help as many people as possible to live an outstanding life full of freedom, independence, success, and happiness. He strongly believes we are the creators and directors of our own stories and every moment is an invitation to make the changes necessary to create our own version of extraordinary.

Feedback from the community

Course-Content Overview

Online weeks overview

Week 1 Starting the journey
Introduction. What is breathwork? How does it work? Setting intention. Going through the program. Safety guidelines.

Week 2 Basic breathing
Basic anatomy, correct breathing, guided breathwork session

Week 3 Science
Advanced breathwork knowledge part 1. Biochemistry

Week 4 Feeling
Emotion, trauma, healing, guided breathwork session

Week 5 Science
Advanced breathwork knowledge part 2. Biochemistry

Week 6 Presence
Holding space, integrity, story-telling, guided breathwork session

Week 7 Experience
Going deeper. Advanced guided breathwork session

Week 8 Closing
Q&A. Preparation for our final online event

Business Coaching


Online Event with final exam

Earn your breathwork certification

Book your introductory call

This non-binding call is all about giving you clarity. We will find out, whether the Breathwork Mastery is a good fit for you and you will have the opportunity to ask my team all your questions.

The pricing options

2997 €

Single Payment

1147 €

3 Monthly Rates

627 €

6 Monthly Rates


During the call we will guide you through the different price plans and together we will see which option suits you best.

As a rough guide: you should definitely be prepared to invest an amount in the lower four-digit range in yourself.

Monthly plans will be deducted monthly from your bank account and automatically stop as soon as you completed all rates. The single payment is conducted immediately.

You can download all worksheets and use our app to watch the videos whenever you want!

NO. Breathwork Mastery will teach you everything you need to know. You can start from scratch!
You can start right after completing the Training. The Training will provide you with all the knowledge you’ll need to start your own Breathwork Business.
The hourly rate of a breathwork coach starts at around 50€ per hour. The price you’re charging obviously depends on you and who you’re serving. A common price is around 100€ per hour for 1-1 sessions or if you host group sessions about 15-30€ per person. Another option that we teach would be to create a high value offer and implement breath work in this offer. You could then charge 3, 4 or 5 figures for this transformation. The sky’s the limit. But also if you want to work on an hourly rate, you could have a positive ROI (return on investment) in a couple of months if you give group or individual sessions.
Yes, we have created an entire module just about finding clients. You will learn how and where to find them. This course is designed to create results not just to provide information.
Being a breathwork instructor comes with responsibility. So, to pass the exam you have to be able to create a safe space, understand biochemistry as well as different techniques. If you fail the exam because you are not able to achieve the requirements (they will be communicated beforehand), you will get the chance to do it again but If you follow the sessions, you will be well prepared. The costs for the first exam are included, however if you fail there will be a charge of 179€ for the 2nd exam.
Yes, we have a community area! You can always ask questions and get support from us.

The exam will be part of our final online event on Zoom. The exact date will be communicated once you join. We will make sure that as many people can attend as possible.