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Fire Within Retreat:
Awaken Your Life Energy.

Join the transformative 4-day experience that equips you with the tools and strategies to (re)connect with your essence and create an extraordinary life.

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4 days,
27th - 30th May 2024


Tuscany, Italy,
Istituto Osho Miasto

Become the creator of your destiny

Our mission is simple: Activate your FIRE WITHIN – not just for those 4 days but for the rest of your life. After those 4 days life won’t be the same.

Fire Within gives you access to tools that will help you get rid of self-sabotage, limiting beliefs, and everything holding you back from living the life you truly deserve.

This is not just a retreat. It's a 4-day deep dive to change your life.

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Your mentor.

Dedicated to help you succeed.

Axel Schura

High Performance Coach

No matter where you are right now, you are nowhere compared to where you can go. 

See what our participants have to say.

“You can always do it. Sometimes it’s just about getting out of your comfort zone.”



“I’m much stronger than I thought. I feel like I know myself better after these 3 days.”



“I learned to believe in myself even more and be OK with setbacks and […] being kind to myself.”



“My intention was to take the energy with me, work on my goals, become a coach and quit my job.”



It’s time to set new standards.
It’s time to level up.

The retreat is for you if you…

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Turn limiting believes into empowering believes.

Day 1

The new You

In Day 1, we’ll focus on creating a new blueprint for success, one that aligns with your unique vision and goals. A life that is meaningful to YOU. We set up strategies and clear action steps that will make your thoughts turn into things. You will learn how to become the observer of your thoughts and tap into your life energy state at ANY time.

You will decode your own story and conditioning. Most of us are trying to be something that we are not. By the end of the first day, you will gain clarity on who you truly are and what you genuinely desire.

Day 2

Trough the layers to your Essence

Day 2 is all about peeling back the layers to uncover your true essence. We’ll address self-sabotage, and limiting beliefs, and help you divorce the old narrative that holds you back. Axel will guide you in shifting limiting beliefs to empowering ones. This day is about decoding your coping mechanisms, understanding your emotional home, and letting go of what no longer serves you. Get ready to meet your REAL YOU.

Day 3

Life Energy State

On Day 3, you’ll learn to distinguish between your life energy self and fear-driven self, take full responsibility for your journey, and own your personal story. Taking full responsibility will set you free and transform not only your inner world but also your relationships.

Day 4

Creating Lasting Change

In our final day, we’ll explore the power of taking massive action steps, leveraging accountability and a supportive peer group, and divorcing the story that ties you to the past, paving the way for lasting transformation.

Unique place. Unique experience.
Unique transformation.

In this protected and calm space in the middle of astonishing Italian nature, you will learn to grow like you’ve never grown before.

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Accommodation Price
Dorm: 60€/day
3-4 Bedroom: 70€/day
Double Room (Shared Bathroom): 85€/day
Double Room (Private Bathroom): 95€/day
Single Room (Shared Bathroom): 105€/day
Single Room/Double Use (Private Bathroom): 125€/day
All-inclusive (food and drinks)

Yes, delicious and nourishing food is waiting for you. You will learn more about the different pricing options in our discovery-call.

In order to ensure individual and personal support and closer ties within the group, we have limited the number of places to 50. This is an exclusive event.

Absolutely. This retreat is not a repeat of the previous retreat. Rather, it is an ideal addition to the content of last year’s retreat.

Of course. You do not need any previous knowledge or experience to participate in the retreat. Just come to us with an open mindset and you will have a lot of fun and learn a lot.

The retreat will be conducted in English (with German translation available).

There are multiple ways to reach the center: by car or train (with a free shuttle service). The center can help you organize your travel arrangements.

You can find our refund policy here.