Aligned Business Design

Become a certified Human Design Coach.

You will learn...

everything you need to know about Human Design to develop an in-depth foundational and practical understanding of the Human Design system. Our intention with Aligned Business Design is to teach Human Design in a relatable, enjoyable and grounded way. By the end of the training you will be perfectly capable to offer professional readings, integrate Human Design into your existing business or implement Human Design in whatever way resonates the most with you. The training will also help you develop a deeper understanding about yourself, the way you operate, your energy levels, your optimal approach to business and the world & people around you.

Aligned Business Design is for you if…

…you are in a transformative stage in your life and crave a deeper sense of purpose and direction.

…you want to develop a strong foundational and practical understanding of the Human Design System.
…you are curious, open minded and motivated to take life into your own hands.

…you would like to start your own coaching business.

…you want to build a business in alignment with your unique gifts, talents & energy levels.
…you are tired of trying everyone else’s success strategies and want to learn what uniquely works for YOU.

…you want to implement Human Design into your coaching business and support your clients on a whole new level.

…you simply would like to learn more about Human Design for yourself and those close to you.

What’s included?

Your Human Design Teacher

Janna Herberg

Janna is a certified Breathwork Facilitator and Human Design Teacher. She has a BA in Business Administration and a background in the corporate business world where she has worked in Sales, Marketing & Project Management.

In the past, Janna has overcome mental and physical challenges like depression and cancer. These experiences have deeply shaped her and inspired her to pursue a more purposeful life and career. After recovery Janna started to explore and train in various alternative healing modalities.

During the last four years, Janna has been diving deep into the Human Design System or as Janna likes to call it: ‘The Art and Science of who you came here to be’.

Janna has done over 400 Human Design Readings and her remarkable style of reading which is easy to digest, fun, and relatable has given Janna the opportunity to support people in loving & trusting themselves more and work remotely doing something that she’s greatly passionate about.

Janna is using the Human Design System as a tool for self-development and understanding. Her mission is to empower others to embrace their individual gifts, talents & intuition and live a life with more ease and less resistance.

Your Business Coach

Axel Schura

Axel is a Business & High-Performance Coach for ambitious high achievers & business owners. His purpose is to help others unlock their full potential and live an extraordinary life. Axel is a results-driven professional and makes sure everyone leaves with a positive ROI.

Axel knows that success leaves clues and that is why he has studied successful people’s work for over 9 years and accumulated an extensive amount of business knowledge. He has started multiple successful social media channels with more than + 1 million podcast downloads, 5 million views, 340 000 followers, build multiple 6-figure businesses, created his own documentary, and opened a school for unprivileged kids.

Although his Bio might sound like one flawless success strategy, Axel often shares about his challenging beginnings coming from a humble background, working several jobs, and feeling unhappy & unfulfilled.

Axel has made it his mission to help as many people as possible to live an outstanding life full of freedom, independence, success, and happiness. He strongly believes we are the creators and directors of our own stories and every moment is an invitation to make the changes necessary to create our own version of extraordinary.

Feedback from the community

Course-Content Overview

Week 1-8

Human Design Outline

  1. General Introduction to Human Design | What is it? Why is it useful? How can we benefit from it? + All terms and vocabulary used in Human Design + Vocabulary document
  2. The Energy Types & Strategies Part 1, Including Signatures and Not-self themes for each Energy Type
  3. The Energy Types & Strategies Part 2, Including Signatures and Not-self themes for each Energy Type
  4. The 7 Inner Authorities and how the internal decision making process works with each Authority
  5. The 9 Energy Centres and what they mean + Definitions
  6. The 64 Gates
  7. The 36 Channels + Circurity
  8. The 12 Profile Archetypes and how they are expressed + Basics of the arrows
  9. How to Structure a Reading + Mini Live Readings

Week 9-12

Business Design Outline

  • Finding your niche
  • Creating your ideal client persona
  • How to price and create no-brainer offers
  • Mastering Sales | How to sell with confidence and fun 
  • How do I find clients?
  • Building an omnipresence on social media

Bonus Content

Self-Study after the training

  • Video Sample of a Reading
  • PDF Slides of all Presentations
  • Overview of the Incarnation Crosses
  • Eating by type
  • Digestion & Sense

Week 12

Final Exam

Live Test and Reading with Janna

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NO. Aligned Business Design will teach you everything you need to know. You can start from scratch!

You can start right after completing the Training. The Training will provide you with all the knowledge you’ll need to start your own Human Design Business.

The sky is the limit. If you become a Human Design Coach, you’re technically a business owner. You are in control of how much revenue you are making.

Yes, we have created an entire module just about finding clients. You will learn how and where to find them. This course is designed to create results not just to provide information.

Yes, we have a community area! You can always ask questions and get support from us.